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Researching picking styles

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Researching picking styles

Postby azjcttec » Mon May 02, 2016 8:54 am

So as we've all done ... I got to bouncing around the internet gathering information on "Old Time Music" and "Banjo Picking Styles".

I found my self reading about a fella from Harris, North Carolina that easily played clawhammer, two-finger and three finger banjo styles; by the name of Dewitt Jenkins, aka "Snuffy".

Anybody who has more information about this pioneer of the bluegrass genre ... please let me know.

There are some good Youtube videos on him. Also his musical partner "Pappy" Sherrill plays a fine fiddle. Snuffy played banjo on radio shows back in the 1930's. When Scruggs was a youngster he listened to Snuffy on WLW radio out of Cinncinatti, Ohio.
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