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Let's get a new banjo!

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Let's get a new banjo!

Postby AvalancheCreek » Sat May 06, 2017 10:32 am


If you had the OK from the other half to buy either a Deering Sierra or a Deering Calico, which would you buy, and why? If you'd buy something else in those price ranges, let's hear that too.

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Re: Let's get a new banjo!

Postby 5stringpreacher » Sun May 07, 2017 6:10 pm

Oh man! What a beautiful problem to have!

If you're wanting to go with Deering, I'd definitely snag a Calico. It's simply just a beautiful banjo with superb quality. The Sierra will have the same quality as far as build and tone ring, but it sacrifices a few details to keep the cost lower. The Calico is made to be more aesthetically pleasing and have a few finer details that are mentioned on their website. I'd buy a pretty banjo if I had the freedom to do it. It's an investment that will hold value.

But...if it was me doing the shopping: For the price of the Calico I'd zip on over to and start looking around. In my opinion, Hubers are the best in the business, and some of them are right around the price range of a new Calico. Do a little research while you're at their website and you'll see why so many people covet one of those.

Good luck and keep us updated!
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